Have you daydreamed of winning a million dollars? Probably. But have you actually put some time into the calculations and determined just how much a million dollars is? Probably not. Lets suffice to say, it's a lot! Heres what I would buy (or at least one version of it). First I'd spend lets say $350K for a nice house and plenty of garage space. You can argue with that if you want but I'm just going to work from there.

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Now that I have the space what to fill it with? A new Corvette is $60K so I'll buy one of those. Of course I'd need at least one vintage muscle car. Why not a Dodge Charger, 1969 of course, we'll just say $40K. With this I could do the Hot Rod Power Tour for about $3K, which I'd recommend anyone who can do the Tour at least once do! Probably buy a new Harley and do Sturgis ($19K (2012 Street Bob (candy red, pipes, seat, handlebars)+$2K (trip)) = $21K.


So far I'm up to $434K which is not to bad considering all the toys I've bought thus far. $434K. Feels good being so responsible. I really like Lamborghinis but a new Aventador is pretty pricey, $400K, but used Gallardos aren't too expensive! So ad one of those to my list, $115K. At this point I need to start thinking of more exotic ways to spend money. Perhaps attend DirtFish racing school for a week to learn to drive rally cars. A 3 day class is only $3600. Cheap for what it is. I think the next thing I'd apply for is the Gumball 3000. If you've not heard of that no worries. It's basically a Hot Rod Power Tour but for rich guys. At least they are trying to do something to give back these days.The cost of the Gumball 3000 for 2014? $64K for 2 people! After that big party finished maybe I'd try my new racing skills on the One Lap of America which would cost a cheap $3K! (Why haven't I done this yet?) What is the One Lap? Basically one of the most extreme performance tests of a street car! It's one week where you have to race at many different tracks, from full road courses to drag strips. Here's their description


"The event, as it always has been, is foremost one of endurance and vehicle preparation. No support crews are allowed. The tires that are used on the street are the same ones that are raced on (one set per team). Although scoring is based on performance at the race tracks, the vehicles and their drivers must survive over 5000 miles of driving interspersed with the finest meals available at gas station convenience stores." I'm honestly having a hard time coming up with more ways to spend this million as I sit here writing!

I'm up to $619,600. So lets just call that good!

What car or cars would you spend a million dollars on?

If you're curious of other ways I'd spend a million dollars, check out my site for a longer write up.


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